Women's cutting

Ashley [Studio Manager] £80

Danielle [Pro]  £65

Lisa [Pro]  £65

Phoebe [Stylist] £55


Men's Cutting

Ashley [Studio Manager] £60

Danielle [Pro] £47

Lisa [Pro] £47

Phoebe [Stylist] £40



Ashley [Studio Manager] £50

Danielle [Pro] £36

Lisa [Pro] £36

Phoebe [Stylist] £36



Looking for a big change?

The big bang includes a longer

appointment time, a product to

work with your stunning new look

& styling tips from our team. 

Ashley [Studio Manager]  £120

Danielle, Lisa & Phoebe  £100



Request Kenna





Sophia [Studio Director] From £165

Lisa / Felicia / Nicky: From £157


A fresh start from roots to ends starting with your coloured hair or for brave virgin hair looking for a complete change. Your look will be tailored to perfection from the techniques below. Techniques: Ombre, balayage, dip dye, full head of highlights, lowlights, gloss & tone.


Sophia: From £200

Lisa / Felicia / Nicky: From £200


Looking for a complete change or had a hair disaster & your colour is all over the place? Our team are on hand to help and save you from your hair nightmare. All colour corrections require a full consultation before the appointment.


Sophia / Lisa / Felicia / Nicky: From £300


Our get you to blonde package! A longer appointment time with our team to get you to the blonde babe you want to be. The appointment includes L'Oreal Smartbond and the takehome treatment. Our get you to blonde may take more than one session, so we need you to pop in the studio for a full consultation before booking this appointment. For colour corrections & colour changes, see our service menu. The appointment includes a full blow dry with our styling team & a Fabuloso Pro Conditioner tailored to your stunning new colour.


Sophia: From £140

Lisa / Felicia / Nicky: From £135



Replenish or revitalise your coloured hair. Techniques: Ombre, balayage, dip dye, half head of highlights, lowlights, gloss & tone.


Sophia: From £90

Lisa / Felicia / Nicky: From £85


A little pit stop for your greys or regrowth. Techniques: Gloss, Tint or a few face framing highlights.

Bleach & Tone

Sophia: From £120

Lisa /Felicia / Nicky: From £115


Full head bleach with a 6-8 week root.


Sophia: From £40

Lisa / Felicia / Nicky: From £36


A quick reboot, refresh your bleached or coloured hair or add a peach or pastel. Not just for blondes!




Two Step Treatment: £30 

Take Home Treatment: £17.95


A treatment to repair the

broken bonds in the hair. 




A treatment to rebalance, cleanse & tone

the scalp. Perfect for gents for a refresh. 



Studio Policy


A complimentary quick finish blow dry

is included with every colour service. 


Before our colour services are carried

out we go through an in-depth

consultation on your hair considering

your hair type, hair history,

condition & colour. 


All our prices are based on upon

consultation & are subject to change. 


To be certain of no risk of reaction,

an allergy  test will need be carried

out a minimum of 48 hours before

any colour appointment. 

This will only take a couple of minutes. 


Colour services will not be carried out

unless an allergy test has been done. 



About our services

Fringe trim

A complimentary service in between

your appointment to maintain your

fringe & stop you cutting it with the

kitchen scissors, again!



When requesting your

appointment online.

Please remember all new clients

require a patch test

48 hours prior to

the appointment. 



Dividing his time between

Hackney & Greenpoint,

Kenna works on high profile

shoots around the world as a

renowned session stylist.

He is now a full time Brooklyn

resident and if you are lucky,

you can catch him in Hackney. 



Founding partner of Kennaland &

Studio Director, Sophia is London's

best colourist for Blonde's according

to Time Out! Our clients describe

Sophia as a hair miracle worker. 

She has over 15 years industry 

experience & winner of the

L'Oreal Colour Trophy at just 19. 


Having been in the industry since

2005 working in both in salon

& session work around the

world, Ashley is our Style Director

here at the studio. He is amazing

with all hair types but is our 

curly hair specialist. Full of 

Northern banter he is perfect

if you're wanting to maintain

your current look or try something

completely new as he puts all our

clients at ease. 



With over 14 years of hairdressing

experience under his belt, our newest

gent to the team Simon certainly

warrants the title Gents specialist.

Now back  in his  spiritual home

of East London after working at

Tommy Guns SoHo, he’s ready

& raring to go!


As a L’Oreal colour educator Nicky

brings a wealth of knowledge

& experience to  the Kennaland

team. Specialising in bleaches &

balayage  Nicky will tailor your

look to you as does both colour

& his in  technical cutting.

With Nicky's Irish charm his clients

always leave the studio

looking & feeling wonderful.



A firm East London favourite, 

Danielle splits her time between

the studio & working for brands

such as ASOS, Jack Wills &

Burberry to name a few. Another

curly hair expert, Danielle is also

your go to for up-dos & styles that

work both in real life and onscreen. 


Lisa joined Kennaland after a 14

year stint  at Ludlow Blunt in

Williamsburg, New York.

Hackney is Lisa’s spiritual home

from home. A  balayage & hand

painting speciliast, Lisa is amazing

at creating colour that grows

out softly. She’s also an excellent

cutter & with her  southern charm

& hospitality she puts all our

clients at ease. 


Our social media whizz & blunt bob

lover Phoebe joined us after working

in various East London institutions. 

Phoebe is an amazing stylist & has 

a great eye for detail. She's great

at finding a style that works for you

& your lifestyle. 


Our favourite Canadian Felicia

is back at Kennaland after a 2 year

stint in Toronto. With over 19 years

in the game from educating at Kevin

Murphy to session styling at

Living Proof, she is a legit colour

specialist. Her approach is extremely

natural, wearable, soft & unique.

She also does a killer blow dry,

so if it’s a big event or you just want to

feel top of your game for those Friday

drinks, Felicia is your woman.

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