Kennaland cares, about your hairs.

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‘Tis the season of giving and taking (free hair treatments)


Kennaland cares, about your hairs.

So this holiday season we are giving the gift of a free treatment with every cut or

color appointment.  

We all know the holiday season can take its toll on our body and our hair.  So we

have asked our team of stylists what can be done to keep our hair in tip top

condition despite the weather, excessive dryness and continual styling

throughout the holiday season.  We also know that what you put into your body

counts as much as what you put on it – so we’ve included a few top tips from our

friend– nutritionist Mia @therasalife on how to keep our hair and skin looking its

its’ best despite the odd day (month) of over indulgence. 


For all things hair Colorists Jehnna and Galloway suggest:


Don’t Overwash.  This applies to all seasons but is the most damaging in winter.

Try to shampoo every other day at most, twice a week is even better.  Fill in with a

dry shampoo – like EVO’s water killer.


Follow you mother’s advice don’t go outside with wet hair – for the sake of your

hair not just your health.  Your hair can literally form little icicles as the water

expands and freezes – causing breakage.


Avoid products with alcohol which will cause further dryness.  Keep an eye out

for:  Denat, Ethanol, SD alcohol 40, Propanol, Isopropyl and Propyl.


Instead try oils and serums like Iles Formula finishing serum and May11 hair oil. 

Also curly hair products are designed to hydrate and moisturize so even if you

have fine straight hair if it’s feeling dry and brittle in the winter a curly hair

product may be worth a go- try EVO’s Liquid Rollers.


When it comes to winter wear – the softer the better for your hair.  Cashmere is

best for warmth and the tight silky knot causes the least damage. Further protect

the hair from damage and static before wearing hats and scarves by applying a

leave in conditioner or serum.


And for a more holistic approach to our whole health and our hair we

spoke to our friend Mia from The Rasa Life:


Don’t stress. Stress hormones slow digestion, make your skin more sensitive and

can lead to hair loss (ah!). If you overdo it on the egg nog one night, just move on!

And don’t write off healthy routines until January. One night of indulgence

doesn’t have to mean a month of pie for breakfast.


Sleep! The glow cannot be faked. Try to get a solid 7-8 hours a night, and if that’s

not possible, nap when you can. A 20 minute snooze is equivalent to an extra

hour of sleep in the evening. 


Eat good fats from wild fish, walnuts, chia seeds, almonds, avocados, brazil nuts,

olive oil and coconut oil. Healthy fats are nutrients for you hair and skin. Think

glossy, not greasy.


Mia is also offering all Kennaland customers free consultations through January

31st. Contact the studio to book in.


Last but not least Indulge and protect your hair from the winter weather and

excessive styling season with a choice of treatment that will help soften,

strengthen and nourish your hair when it needs it most. All appointments

booked before December 25th will include a free treatment.