Kennaland Tips: Keep your blonde going




Summer is coming.  We promise. 

Now more than ever keeping your

blonde fresh can be a challenge. 

Here are few tips from our color

team, Laura,Galloway & Jenna,

to help keep your tresses top notch

& not hiding in a top knot. 


Blonde hair doesn’t actually fade,

unlike other colors -the risk is more

about picking up unwanted tones. 


Get your Kennaland stylist to mix you

up a personalized EVO Fabuloso Pro Treatment. 

Customized to your color,  this color

refresh & maintenance system will keep

your hair looking bright & fresh in

between appointments. Try to wash your hair

less frequently, good for your hair

& the environment. Our team at Kennaland

suggests every 3-4 days. If that feels too long

top up with a dry shampoo in between. 

We love EVO's - Water Killer Dry Shampoo.


Blonde hair is like a sponge; when dry, it soaks up

everything including salt, chlorine & other chemicals.


To avoid the green tinge caused by chlorine,

wet your hair in fresh water before getting into

the pool or sea to limit absorption.


Like your dermatologist, we recommend staying

out the sun or using a UV protective spray when in it.

The sun can lift all your hair to the same tone,

resulting in a flat look and dried out strands. 

EVO’s Happy Campers Leave in Moisture 

is perfect for protection from both UV & heat.

Old buildings, especially in NYC, often have

a lot of copper in the water.  This builds up & can

cause brassy blondes.  Invest in a shower filter

to keep copper & other minerals from building

up brass and other tones.  Regular touch-ups

will keep your blonde at its best without having

to book an overhaul every visit.


For double processes we recommend

every 5-7 weeks.


For highlights every 6-12 weeks. 


If that's hard to achieve talk to your stylist

about creating a look with a more subtle grow out.  

And perhaps pop in for a gloss in

between services, this could add 3- 5 weeks

to your blonde & help keep lived in styles

looking fresh & not faded.


If you have any questions or concerns about

your service or hair in general feel

free to give us a shout – we are here to help