ABOUT color correction

Corrective hair color is a color process that must be

performed by a professional hair colorist to correct

any damage caused by a color service gone wrong.


This could mean something as simple as you wanted

to be honey blonde and ended up with platinum blonde

hair or something else as drastic as a chemical being

left on your hair too long and now your hair is breaking

off in your hair brush.


Another reason you may need corrective color service

is if you colored your hair at home and you turned your

hair black instead of the warm brown shown

on the box. 


There are many factors as to why a color service goes 

wrong. For those of you who do it at home, you may 

not realize that your hair is porous and will absorb 

more color than the average person. 


If your bad hair color was the result of a salon visit, 

you may have been working with someone who is

inexperienced, which can lead to leaving bleach  or

color too long on your hair. 


Perhaps the most serious situation that can occur with

an inexperienced hair colorist is that they fail to 

recognize that your hair is too damaged to color 

correctly in the first place and it needs deep conditioning

and re-hydrating prior to being colored or bleached. 


All of these reasons and more are why you should

always seek a true hair color expert. 


If you are coming in for a corrective color at

KENNALAND there are a few things that are

important factors to be aware of before coming

to the studio. 


When a client comes to us for a corrective color,

she usually had previous color services performed

on her hair which have created an unsatisfactory



If this is the case for you personally, it is important

to realize the effect that these previous services

have had on your hair. 


Your hair is stressed and in a weakened condition

when you walk through our door. 


Because of it the caution necessary to perform 

services on fragile hair, it could take several

visits to achieve the final result. 


That is why it is called 'corrective hair color'.


To set the correct expectations, it is important

that you pay attention to your colorists' advice

and ask any questions that may arise during

your initial consultation. 


*Please keep in mind that the final result 

may take several visits to achieve, depending 

on how weak or damaged your hair is upon

your first visit for color correction.


This is due to the fact that performing all 

services nesessary to correct the color may

break or further damage your hair is there is 

not ample time between processed to allow 

your hair to strenghten. 


Color correction will fix: botched home hair

color and other hair color disasters. 


Remove any unwanted hues, help restore

your hair's health, so you can achieve and 

keep the colour you want. 


We can make blonde less brassy, create 

subtle tonal shifts, lighten or darken your

hair or just areas of it, such as ends or roots, 

return your hair color to its natural shade. 




Please note that the number of visits cannot

be always determined until the process has

been started.  



*Kennaland can not guarantee any results from a color correction.